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红毛榴莲叶茶包 / Organic Soursop Tea Bag

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In western countries, Soursop is known as a magical tropical fruit in nature. It can kill cancer cells without damaging normal cells, and its anti-cancer effect is 10,000 times stronger than traditional chemotherapy drugs!

Some scientists believe that juice made from Soursop leaf can effectively fight cancer cells. Not only does this juice taste good, but it does not have the same negative effects as chemotherapy.

In recent years, there have been countless cases of cancer patients recovering after long-term drinking of Soursop leaf tea, which has effects on more than 10 partial cancer cells, such as liver cancer, intestinal cancer, and gastric cancer.

Except for anti-cancer, it also has many benefits such as beauty, solving constipation, improve immunity, skincare, liver protection, detoxification, blood sugar reduction, etc. It is definitely a rare natural health product!

Product name: Organic Soursop Tea Bag

Product weight: 20 tea bags * 3g

Brew with 150ml hot water.

Main Benefits of Organic Soursop Tea:

  1. Anti-cancer
  2. Beauty
  3. Detoxification
  4. Reduce blood sugar
  5. Improve immunity






产品规格:20包 * 3克

饮用方法:一袋茶包泡150毫升热水 ,可重复冲泡直到没味道


  1. 抗癌
  2. 养颜美容
  3. 排毒
  4. 降血糖
  5. 提高免疫力

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